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“Expressions” to Freedom of Speech - They Run the Gamut Tonight!

August 14, 2020

The recording gods were not playing nice tonight... our apologies!  

Mar Sulaika is feeling pretty rambunctious tonight and Agnes can't resist the opportunity to give her a hard time…  

Neither Boomer Woman can resist a good "expression" - Mar Sulaika did some research.

One anecdote after another tonight (and if you tell anyone Agnes was tech challenged over a simple toggle switch...) which segues naturally unto Shakespeare!  Agnes shows off her Latin talents (thank you, Mr. Zarb)

Then... ethics in our business... erotica from Mar Sulaika... or not!  Harry Potter by Mar Sulaika and Agnes takes the subject sideways... hope you wade in on this conversation!  freedom of speech...

Agnes cracks up over her own story... apparently it was a case of "you had to be there". a quick visit with politics, then jokes that go sideways (and that's only what you hear, not what got deleted!)

Amazing how alcohol makes you an authority on so many things!  ;-)

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