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Solo-Agnes:  Capitol, COVID and Craziness

Solo-Agnes: Capitol, COVID and Craziness

January 15, 2021

Agnes is flying solo tonight so let's jump in!  

Storming of the Capitol, Covid-cations, twentytwenty as a word… and all it means!

Craziness in the 'hood? And the 'power?" of observation.

How do you end conversations? chats?  

Snow in Madrid in January - is that usual? unusual?  

Where is the line with "friends" - we have history but nothing in common except the history - it's hard to resist the urge to "revenge post".  

New Year's resolutions.  

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

January 8, 2021

In the first 20 seconds of this conversation Agnes waxes poetic about there not being any catastrophes so far in the new year.  We recorded early January, before all the craziness at the US Capitol on January 6th.  

"Normal is a setting on the dryer".  

Red wines of the day: H3 cab by Columbia Crest and Yellow Tail... and let's discuss wines!

Cat philosophy?

Has MS finally won in the battle against Big TeleCommunication?  

MS as a cat??  Agnes had a cat.  

Agnes pushes for the Jack COVID experience to be printed - stay tuned.  

Friendship seems to beget too much tolerance? more tolerance than a romantic liaison - why do we hang on to friendships so much longer than love relationships when they go south.  

Music publishing... book publishing... small scale publishing...

Are there different standards for our politicians?  and we do still love Dr. Bonnie Henry.

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ABC! Asbestos, Bandwagons and Cheezies!

ABC! Asbestos, Bandwagons and Cheezies!

December 18, 2020

Remember Molly? She's back!  

Agnes is dealing with plumbing issues with mold and asbestos… never a dull day!  

Birds are smart.  

Mar Sulaika has figured out how she'll "visit" this season… others are struggling though… and what will a post-covid world look like?  A real bandwagon episode tonight!  

Do enough people (especially our age) have the knowledge/skill set necessary to separate friendship and business?  

50 minutes in Agnes finally asks about the Molly-thing...  

Agnes waxes poetic about old people which segues into Hawkins Cheezies (of course), and then there's humous, and other food "stuff".

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Covid and Asbestos and Alcohol

Covid and Asbestos and Alcohol

December 11, 2020

Everyone's having computer issues!  Well, everyone on this podcast…  

Mar Sulaika has Covid issues - is clarification really too much to ask for?

Agnes has mold and asbestos issues… it's 2020!

Mar Sulaika therapy: sourdough bread, from scratch, aka lethal weapon? And Agnes had the police at her 50th b-day... all those years ago.  

Schnapps-Schnapps... and the candification of alcohol, and while we're on the subject of alcohol... which leads to food... which leads to butter.  

And again, "we'll tawk!!"  

Editorial correction:  Mar Sulaika's website is TheStoryGoddess.ca

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Mystery Solved, Bad Movies and Amazon

Mystery Solved, Bad Movies and Amazon

December 4, 2020

Agnes solves the black plastic mystery from last week.  

Good news (we hope) about Agnes' SEO endeavours.

Holiday tv viewing is sadly lacking apparently.

Did you hear about Rocky the saw-whet owl?  https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2020/11/18/peak-2020-rockefeller-christmas-center-tree-sad/3771547001/

The bad movie cult - didn't know there was a such a thing.

Why are we in such a hurry? "In Praise of Slow".  Time - when you notice and when you don't.  Creation...  and covid... and authenticity,  and Pollock.  

More amazon bitching... but we're not selective - all big box stores are getting preferential treatment right now.

Therapies past segue into our Google addiction?  

Big breasts to front porches... and "We'll tawk!"

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Mysteries, Blinklist and Reading

Mysteries, Blinklist and Reading

November 27, 2020

A few technical difficulties tonight - it's 2020!

And it's a Sunday… Two Boomer Women have cocktails at the end of the weekend instead of the beginning.

SEO explained.  Mar Sulaika has yet another exciting project getting underway!  

The Roomba upstairs….  

Storytime: Agnes has a mystery for her overnight shift, and just how long does a box of wine last? 

Then there are olives....  

Bamboo countertops and other wood furniture - Agnes' brother is a custom furniture woodworker, Mar Sulaika's friend apparently didn't knw one end of a hammer from the other...  

Blinklist? really?  "we can't even discuss it because it's ridiculous" but we do anyways.  which ends up with real books and reading (of course).

Say Good Night, Agnes.  Good night, Mar.

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COVID, Politics and Charitable Donations of The Wealthy

COVID, Politics and Charitable Donations of The Wealthy

November 20, 2020

Mar Sulaika is caught without a drink! So Agnes opens with a story to buy some time.

Mar Sulaika's 'hood has been a little lax with their COV-attitiudes so the health authority has instituted some strong requirements… we can't resist the COVID rant, can you?  Which segues into politics, of course! (everybody's politics!)  

In future times, there will be a need for Two Boomer Women - their lot is cast (sorry for the visuals, though!)

Next up, old people and sex.  

Somerset Maugham.  Barnes & Noble instead of Amazon.  Charitable donations of the wealthiest as a percentage of income.  Purple Cow and Moo? and pedestals. (it all relates)

Business lesson:  Blue Ocean/red ocean - in business and real life: electric cars and frappuccino.

Family issues in the world of care-giving; and if shit hits the fan, MS had a role in the electrical supply.

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Doom Scrolling to McCarthyism - don’t we cover the subject matter!

Doom Scrolling to McCarthyism - don’t we cover the subject matter!

November 13, 2020

Agnes' face isn't broken…  Yay!

Biden is winning (we're a week delayed).  Apologies to John Bolton, it was Steve Bannon made those ridiculous comments.

Tech talk: when WordPress doesn't play nice with other parts of a website design…

Take note on Mar Sulaika's story about your work... quote high or research first...  Virgos and Pisceses....  

And who's a Whiskey Tart?  

Fred? here's the link:   https://thestorygoddess.ca/90-is-the-new-45-he-thinks/

Timelines in the real world vs the covid world...  have you heard, or are you guilty of doom-scrolling?  aka (from Agnes' work in ElderCare)Diana, Princess of Wales...

Roger Korman... scary movies... from Hitchcock to Eyes of Laura Mars, Seven...etc.  and Mar Sulaika ties it back to theland of investigative reporting, but how about Alien? McCarthyism then, socialism then... McCarthy - Trump... hmmm...  and MS reminds us of the importance of history,  the education system???  

Where is the opportunity in the current, leading into the future?

and back we go to COVID...

and to end.. the Human Condition....  and a good place to end... Communication? it'sso important!

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Romance Novels and Halloween

Romance Novels and Halloween

November 6, 2020

Agnes got her face x-rayed… so that's done.  

Mar Sulaika  has an iPod… the really old type, like Agnes'…

Phyllis Chubb, friend of both Boomer Women albeit for different reasons… has written a "romance novel" which no doubt marries her Vedic Astrology authority with whimsy.


The advantages of Romance novels...

Doing business with friends, the philosophy of life... finding the good side of everything

Did Covid affect your Halloween? Agnes' 10 yr old grandson goes blue... 

Fractured Faces to DNA Data Banks

Fractured Faces to DNA Data Banks

October 30, 2020

Adding flavours to booze we know and love is… Philistine?  Ever heard of Belgian french fries?  

Grumpy old male chimps? Or not.  

Covid tests and politics… maybe a different angle this time?  

Could Agnes bruised face be a fracture?  

Harvard research? Health? Death? unknowns?  

Will MS start?  Start what????  

Borat fan?  MS is a Dateline fan...  DNA data banks.  

Comfortable clothes to nudity... there's a segue!  Nox (the dog) is quite vocal this evening!  

Shades of gray. Sounds of silence.  Will Covid make MS a Pulitzer Prize winner?  

Agnes is getting a pension supplement!  (and other government subsidies).  

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