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COVID, Politics and Charitable Donations of The Wealthy

November 20, 2020

Mar Sulaika is caught without a drink! So Agnes opens with a story to buy some time.

Mar Sulaika's 'hood has been a little lax with their COV-attitiudes so the health authority has instituted some strong requirements… we can't resist the COVID rant, can you?  Which segues into politics, of course! (everybody's politics!)  

In future times, there will be a need for Two Boomer Women - their lot is cast (sorry for the visuals, though!)

Next up, old people and sex.  

Somerset Maugham.  Barnes & Noble instead of Amazon.  Charitable donations of the wealthiest as a percentage of income.  Purple Cow and Moo? and pedestals. (it all relates)

Business lesson:  Blue Ocean/red ocean - in business and real life: electric cars and frappuccino.

Family issues in the world of care-giving; and if shit hits the fan, MS had a role in the electrical supply.

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