Pissed On Podcast

Working in Cabarets and STFD to Going Live (?) and Food

May 29, 2020


Apparently both Agnes and Mar Sulaika worked in bars at age 19... a little insight into their distant pasts (who remembers cabarets?) and how, at 19, it seemed ok to look sexy for a bar job.  (has anything changed?)

A short discussion on small town vs city morphs into a serious moment about our BC premier updating us about our current health crises.

Agnes shares her wine notes if only because she knows Mar Sulaika will cringe - Mar Sulaika gets revenge with details about her fabulous homemade hummus.

Mar Sulaika credits Agnes for helping her come up with part of her COVID-survival plan for the coming however-long-it-takes... the other part of the plan we'll call STFD.

Photography... technology helped us speed up, can COVID force us to slow down?

Men and women, always interesting and on to Mae West - gotta love that woman!

This episode ends with vague weekend plans and Food, just like Two self-respecting Boomer Women should end their chat.

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