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TGIF is TGIS This Week!

August 8, 2020

A crazy week for Two Boomer Women this week so they couldn't get together until Saturday!

Agnes has found a house!  Yay!  But what's that?  Mar Sulaika may be looking soon too?

Heroes and Bad Guys - the balance seems to be off right now.

Review of this week's reading material; respectfor history.

When to touch art and when not to touch art.  Editorial correction:  the broken toe belonged to Pauline, sister of Napoleon, and the statue was a plaster model for the marble statue currently residing in Rome.  

Update on the Trudester; noise, what's acceptable and what's not...

Adventures on Dogland.  2nd Editorial Comment: when Agnes snarls at her dog for being obnoxious, she never yells 'you stupid dog'!

Movie reviews to Strong Women and B&W photos.

Finally: is Agnes considering yet another podcast?


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