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Stella Artois, Nox and Spanish Princesses?

October 16, 2020

Is that Mar Sulaika tonight? Or is that Basil Faulty?  Are Two Boomer Women carbo-loading tonight?

Cheap red wine and Stella Artois...

Do you need to be reminded of Agnes' needy (aka controlling) dog Nox?  

Agnes is pulling 29 hour shifts??????  But she has a lead on a new car!  

(do you think the submarine that Agnes calls in from is yellow?)

And MarSulaika drove Fred Flintstone's car?

How many fallen women in their 90s does Agnes know?

Lovely taxi drivers and Nobel Peace prizes for alleviating hunger, what's "Next"?  

Editorial correction: Tim Berners-Lee invented the world-wide web

Thanksgiving... family.. and MS and the covid-caca around care facilities...is it all about money?  

Mar Sulaika and Agnes seem to disagree about who can solve many of the world's problems... and somehow they more morph into Tasmanian devils?  

Spanish princesses? how do they get there?  dirty little secrets about Agnes' parents/grandparents... are you hearing banjoes?

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