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So Many Subjects Tonight! You’d Think They’d Been Drinking!

July 24, 2020

Mar Sulaika is on her soapbox: it's CRAZY out there!


Editorial correction: the creator of the MOCA is Lebanese-born Ziad Nasreddine.


COVID... mint juleps... I need a vacation!  LSD and Reefer Madness - Two Boomer Women churn through the topics tonight!


From 'blur' to Mar Sulaika reciting poetry from the 1600s; dead bodies; and of course around to the theme of Two Boomer Women: Conversation.


Albert Lin and Science.


Can you answer our alcohol question?  Can you say prosthelytize?  Have you seen 1000 Ways To Die In The West?


A plug for drinking with a friend, even virtually... and if you can't find a friend, we're here!


Finally... apparently Mar Sulaika has been so deep into her ceative place that she has lost all concept of time and the passage of same.


Tell us what you're drinking and thinking at:  https://pissedonpodcast.com/join-the-conversation/


The poem:  https://poets.org/poem/his-coy-mistress

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