Pissed On Podcast

Post-COVID Release and Gin Stories

May 1, 2020

Agnes greets Mar Sulaika with a face mask that looks like a cat.

Trudy is Mar Sulaika's mom and she is COVID-free now and looking for a cigarette (she's 90, with dementia)!

Still looking for theme music for this show when we recorded this episode.

Media to old men to gin stories and... bathtub gin to Yago to Yugo to moonshine! 

Molly shows up, and Agnes cracks up much to Mar Sulaika's dismay.  If the dog or grandson stories are boring, blame Mar Sulaika.

Can you find "ardent"?

Post-COVID release to Zohan?

We end on "pithy and philosophical" - how did tar pits get in there? and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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Great COVID mask:


Confusing wine pic: