Pissed On Podcast

Mince Tarts to TV Show Titles and Women in Broadcasting

April 24, 2020

Two Boomer Women do love their mince tarts... and Mar Sulaika's martini glasses are 6 oz. (foreshadowing?)

TV show titles - the Bad and the Ugly... **addenda: one mystery solved in a May episode!  The Story Goddess (aka Mar Sulaika) gets going on metaphor - with a drink in her hand - and once she's wound up, listen to her wax poetic on women in broadcasting - Agnes jumps on that soapbox too, albeit gender aside.

Agnes' vine de samana will be linked below.

Back to "that" TV show but this time Agnes plays devil's advocate about marketing... interrupted by Agnes' canine reality... which Mar Sulaika manages to morph into a discussion about Agnes' Virgo-isms.

Mar Sulaika tells us about her mentor, and story-telling, and Pissed on Podcast is a genius idea, with or without COVID.


Agnes' wine of choice this week:  https://oventosela.com/ Viña Leiriña Juan Miguez 2015

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