Pissed On Podcast

Mar Sulaika Online is 1 Today! and Art and Selling Art and The Pig Farm!

June 12, 2020

There was a certain flow this week... but Two Boomer flowed all over the map... as the scotch and red wine flowed freely too!

Another lovely dinner awaits Agnes, compliments of her upstairs family - is that a tone of wishfulness in Mar Sulaika's voice?

Clara Bow... art and selling art and all that's available online... with a lesson on bird flight (or at least their take-off).

Happy one year anniversary to Mar Sulaika! one year ago thestorygoddess.ca was purchased and there's been no looking back - if you're a Luddite or an online neophyte, take heart! and listen in!  The Renaissance Woman is online!

Streaming instead of dvds - is that a form of censorship?

The Odd Couple? that was a leap that almost lost Agnes!

and.... favourite sandwiches.

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