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Heated Discussion That Wends Its Way to The Kitchen

August 21, 2020

Balancing the bank books  - only Two Boomer Women can start a Pissed On Podcast with that subject!  

MS had a visit from on old friend who has been studying EMDR - look it up, it's interesting.  

Did you know orgy planner was actually a "thing" in the days of the Babylonians?

In lieu of the bra...  

Discussions around the place of women in different cultures at different times in history - welcome to the world of patriarchy.

Agnes' new landlord is fabulous, Agnes' sangria recipe is fabulous!

Sangria... brandy... christmas cake... rum cake... stuffed prunes... it all ties together! this is Pissed On Podcast!  

Hydro bills and Goldie Hawn...

Editorial correction: The First Wives Club was written by Olivia Goldsmith, My Best Friend's Wedding was written by Ronald Bass.

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