Pissed On Podcast

Gambling and Memoirs to Julia Child and The Matriarchy

May 22, 2020

Mar Sulaika is sipping on lemony Manhattans tonight and Agnes is into another box - Bota Box to be exact, an Old Vines Zinfandel.  One of Mar Sulaika's pet peeves is flowery, unwiny words to describe wines.  Have you ever worked with Oregon Grape?

Mar Sulaika opens this episode asking about gambling and Agnes is on her soapbox in no time flat!  A story from each of them...do you frequent the casino?

Agnes tells a story about memoirs while Mar Sulaika gets a refill, which leads to a discussion about what we don't know about the people we know.

Mar Sulaika has a new angle for her business/website... will we share it, will we do it on our own time?

Auto break-ins and community responsibility.

Mar Sulaika recounts her meeting and subsequent lunch with Julia Child, which leads into 'story', especially women's stories and, of course, the matriarchy.

Over an hour tonight, we getting good at this!


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