Pissed On Podcast

Fractured Faces to DNA Data Banks

October 30, 2020

Adding flavours to booze we know and love is… Philistine?  Ever heard of Belgian french fries?  

Grumpy old male chimps? Or not.  

Covid tests and politics… maybe a different angle this time?  

Could Agnes bruised face be a fracture?  

Harvard research? Health? Death? unknowns?  

Will MS start?  Start what????  

Borat fan?  MS is a Dateline fan...  DNA data banks.  

Comfortable clothes to nudity... there's a segue!  Nox (the dog) is quite vocal this evening!  

Shades of gray. Sounds of silence.  Will Covid make MS a Pulitzer Prize winner?  

Agnes is getting a pension supplement!  (and other government subsidies).  

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