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Doom Scrolling to McCarthyism - don’t we cover the subject matter!

November 13, 2020

Agnes' face isn't broken…  Yay!

Biden is winning (we're a week delayed).  Apologies to John Bolton, it was Steve Bannon made those ridiculous comments.

Tech talk: when WordPress doesn't play nice with other parts of a website design…

Take note on Mar Sulaika's story about your work... quote high or research first...  Virgos and Pisceses....  

And who's a Whiskey Tart?  

Fred? here's the link:   https://thestorygoddess.ca/90-is-the-new-45-he-thinks/

Timelines in the real world vs the covid world...  have you heard, or are you guilty of doom-scrolling?  aka (from Agnes' work in ElderCare)Diana, Princess of Wales...

Roger Korman... scary movies... from Hitchcock to Eyes of Laura Mars, Seven...etc.  and Mar Sulaika ties it back to theland of investigative reporting, but how about Alien? McCarthyism then, socialism then... McCarthy - Trump... hmmm...  and MS reminds us of the importance of history,  the education system???  

Where is the opportunity in the current, leading into the future?

and back we go to COVID...

and to end.. the Human Condition....  and a good place to end... Communication? it'sso important!

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