Pissed On Podcast

Bad! Dreams, Poutine and Race - We Have You Covered!

June 19, 2020

Such adventures in tech-land this week - Skype would not play nice at all... actually wouldn't play, period.

Agnes and Mar Sulaika ended up on the phone with their cocktails - Agnes was recording so her voice is natural, Mar Sulaika was on the phone recording, you'll notice that... and as phones are kept close to the face,you can hear the tink tink of ice cubes regularly!

Mar Sulaika opens up with her terrible bad dream... and worse, she couldn't wake herself up from it!

She then confuses Riverdale and River City - figure out how that became conversation!

Poutine, Uppity Women, golf courses and dementia... Two Boomer Women cover it all this week.

Agnes has a brain fart and totally loses her train of thought (probably fell off the train because of the wine). She then mentions racism and Mar Sulaika challenges the definition - care to wade in?

Lighter fare to end: Amy Vanderbilt's Book of Etiquette and Andrew Warhol.  and... Agnes is still house-hunting.


Bevvies of choice this week:  Stella Artois and white wine and tonic.

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