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Covid and Asbestos and Alcohol

Covid and Asbestos and Alcohol

December 11, 2020

Everyone's having computer issues!  Well, everyone on this podcast…  

Mar Sulaika has Covid issues - is clarification really too much to ask for?

Agnes has mold and asbestos issues… it's 2020!

Mar Sulaika therapy: sourdough bread, from scratch, aka lethal weapon? And Agnes had the police at her 50th b-day... all those years ago.  

Schnapps-Schnapps... and the candification of alcohol, and while we're on the subject of alcohol... which leads to food... which leads to butter.  

And again, "we'll tawk!!"  

Editorial correction:  Mar Sulaika's website is TheStoryGoddess.ca

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Mystery Solved, Bad Movies and Amazon

Mystery Solved, Bad Movies and Amazon

December 4, 2020

Agnes solves the black plastic mystery from last week.  

Good news (we hope) about Agnes' SEO endeavours.

Holiday tv viewing is sadly lacking apparently.

Did you hear about Rocky the saw-whet owl?  https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2020/11/18/peak-2020-rockefeller-christmas-center-tree-sad/3771547001/

The bad movie cult - didn't know there was a such a thing.

Why are we in such a hurry? "In Praise of Slow".  Time - when you notice and when you don't.  Creation...  and covid... and authenticity,  and Pollock.  

More amazon bitching... but we're not selective - all big box stores are getting preferential treatment right now.

Therapies past segue into our Google addiction?  

Big breasts to front porches... and "We'll tawk!"

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Mysteries, Blinklist and Reading

Mysteries, Blinklist and Reading

November 27, 2020

A few technical difficulties tonight - it's 2020!

And it's a Sunday… Two Boomer Women have cocktails at the end of the weekend instead of the beginning.

SEO explained.  Mar Sulaika has yet another exciting project getting underway!  

The Roomba upstairs….  

Storytime: Agnes has a mystery for her overnight shift, and just how long does a box of wine last? 

Then there are olives....  

Bamboo countertops and other wood furniture - Agnes' brother is a custom furniture woodworker, Mar Sulaika's friend apparently didn't knw one end of a hammer from the other...  

Blinklist? really?  "we can't even discuss it because it's ridiculous" but we do anyways.  which ends up with real books and reading (of course).

Say Good Night, Agnes.  Good night, Mar.

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